An art-ful way to beat the winter blues

Ok, we admit it.  We’ve succumbed to the winter blues/blahs/whatever pretty hard.  Looking out the window at miles of winter white usually provides a sense of wonderment, now we are just wishing for an early Spring (or for a fairy to drop some tickets to a beach somewhere right in our lap).

Well, we needed some inspiration. Fast.  So our eyes began to dance from the window to our walls and boom!  Eureka!  Let’s bring the Spring and Summer INSIDE with some fabulous pieces of art sure to brighten your home, your spirit and blast away the blues.

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Oh, Spring where art thou?  Well, Liza Matthews brings spring blooms to life with her lustrous work.  Liza is a contemporary abstract artist radiating a contrast of luminous color, graceful form and texture. Paintings are inspired from nature, design and pattern.


Ahhhhh, the beach.  Caribbean dreams.  Lori Warner has spent the majority of her winters in the Islands of the Bahamas. In 2009 she partnered with Staniel Cay Yacht Club to begin a series of printmaking workshops held throughout the year.  During these workshops, she also creates a series of her own work.  In this series, she captures the essence of the Islands through the colors of the water, flora and coral island landscape.

Custom order limited edition giclee prints from the original monotype, various sizes available.


A little love for valentine’s day, green gardens and a summerscape, beautifully abstracted. Reagan’s use of colors and mixtures of mediums enables her to speak with great freedom effortlessly moving ones eye throughout the canvas, speaking her thoughts through her wide range of brush strokes building layers of textures, colors and shapes. She brings new life to the abstract arts.





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